morph bannerZig Ziegler and his network of biomechanics professionals and motion analysts have consulted on the sports mechanics and motion related injuries for over 50,000 sports motions. As a result, Zig has developed professional relationships with many prominent individuals, teams, and organizations. our team has conducted biomechanical research assessments on the sports motions of some of the world’s greatest athletes and sports teams.  Just a few of those include:

Teams (in some cases entire sports team from the following organizations were tested. In other cases, individuals or a select group of athletes were tested).

* Phoenix Suns                    * New York Knicks            * Portland Trailblazers          * Houston Rockets

* Chicago WhiteSox            * Minnesota Twins            * New York Mets                    * New York Yankees

* Cleveland Indians             * U. of Texas                      * UCLA                                  * San Diego State University

* Oklahoma State University      * University of Nebraska          * Brigham Young University    * Wichita State U.

* Florida State University            * Arizona State University        * University of Arizona             * University of Kansas


* Bob Lanier                         * Shaquille O’Neal                    * Martell Webster                    * Rudy Fernandez

* Greg Oden                     * Brandon Roy                           * Danillo Gallinari                     * Tyson Chandler

* Wilson Chandler               * Alton Lister                             * LaMarques Aldridge            * Bo Outlaw


* Anquan Boldin                  * Chris Walsh                              * Derek LoVille                      * Chris Oldham

* Seth Joyner                         * Stoney Case                              * Jamir Miller


* Ryan Howard                     * Michael Young                    * Michael Garciaparra                       * Johan Santana

* Kevin Youkilis                    * Mark Loretta                      * Ramon Hernandez                            * Jason Bay

* Lance Nix                           * Tom Glavine                    * Carlos Zambrano                               * Eric Owens


* Jennie Finch                    * Lovie Jung                          * Natasha Whatley                                 * Lauren Bay

* Jessica Mendoza             * Stacey Nuveman              * Crystal Bustos                                      * Amy Harre


* Paula Creamer           * Julietta Granada             * Brendan Pappas                                 * Mike Weir

* Jerry Smith               * Tiger Woods                    * Tom Lehman                                       * Glenn Day

* In some cases, the biomechanics assessments of the above listed athletes were done at the request of the athlete.  In other cases teams for whom the athlete played for or against requested the analysis.