“Fitness žFrom the Ground Up”Educational Seminars

Delivered in continuing education partnership with a prominent fitness certification organizations (NSCA, NASM, ACSM, etc) for continuing education credits, these seminars are aimed at providing education on the benefits of our products to the qualified health and fitness professional, these programs will be serve as a continuing education programs which both educate our target market, generate enrollment revenue, and service as a sales component for other products and services.

Available to Professionals (includes CEU) and Non-Professionals. Click HERE for options and schedule.


Become a CERTIFIED MOTION ANALYST  and Preferred Provider

for Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Physical Therapists and Medical Professionals

Zig’s Educational programs are open to professionals in the sports, fitness, and medical industry including trainers, sports coaches and physical therapist to attend classes to become Certified Motion Analysts (CMA’s). Each CMA pays a fee of to attend a biomechanics class and gain a better understanding of the applications of 3D-biomechanics testing to improve health and physical well-being of individuals involved in physical activity.

Complete our Certified Motion Analyst Certification and you will receive…

  • Certification as a Preferred Provider Location.
  • Upon completion of the course, fitness participants, medical professionals, athletes, and coaches in your community will know that you are committed to providing objective, evidenced based programs unique to each in individual.
  • You will also demonstrate that you are committed learning more about the human body and how it performs.  Today’s consumer expects individual attention and desires to know your knowledge of exercise and training extends beyond your own workouts, textbooks, or playing and coaching experience.
    • Your certification will indicate to the community’s coaches, athletes, and parents that your location has mastered through continuing education:
      • The Biomechanics of Walking, Running, and Exercise Technique
        • (True Biomechanics, which includes understanding what a body does to get to any position during the movement)
        • Muscles involved
      • How to identify Injury Risks related to Exercises Technique, Walking, Running, and Sports Skills Technique
      • Design Exercise and Rehab Programs
        • Every individual (regardless of fitness level) needs something different in their exercise program. You will be able to provide
          • Customized Pre-hab and Rehab Corrective Exercises
          • Customized Strength and Conditioning
          • Advanced Weightloss Programs
          • Advaned Injury Prevention and Recovery Programs
    • Marketing Tools
    • Business Management Tools
    • Referred Customers to your location
    • Continuing Education Credits (CECs to be determined for NSCA/NASM,/ACE/ISSA/NESTA/ACSM)
      • We offer quarterly online and in person educational seminars. Regardless of your level of education, or experience as a former player, or coach you may have gained a considerable amount of experience learning from some of the best in the game.  Times change and so does what we are able to share about sports performance, injury prevention, and the human body.  Our continuing education program will keep you on top of the latest research as you receive quarterly and yearly opportunities to attend or teach classes

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