Athletes and sports organizations insure the quality of the product they put on the field or court by utilizing Zig Ziegler’s Fitness From the Ground Up Clinics and Absolute Kinetix Motion Analysis Centers (with centers in Scottsdale, Arizona and soon to open locations in Manhattan, NY and New Jersey and founded by athletes for athletes.  In addition to traditional biomechanics testing, Zig’s services include the ability to collect and store the data on any athlete’s sports motions while they are healthy when swinging, throwing, shooting, or running at their best or improve their performance by identifying deficiencies in their motions.

Zig’s team of Kinesiologists and biomechanics consultants are capable of completing analysis of any sports motion.  The amateur or professional athlete can track the repeatability of a specific skill, total flexibility, strength, endurance, sport-specific speed and range of motion over time.  Comparisons of the results of multiple assessments can be made to each motion, normative data tables and those of elite or professional athletes. 

These services are available to individuals involved in high schools, colleges and universities, and recreational and professional teams.

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“Fitness žFrom the Ground Up”Educational Seminars

Delivered in continuing education partnership with a prominent fitness certification organizations (NSCA, NASM, ACSM, etc) for continuing education credits, these seminars are aimed at providing education on the benefits of our products to the qualified health and fitness professional, these programs will be serve as a continuing education programs which both educate our target market, generate enrollment revenue, and service as a sales component for other products and services.


$99 Non-Professionals

$300 Professionals (includes CEUs) . 

Zig’s Educational programs are open to professionals in the sports, fitness, and medical industry including trainers, sports coaches and physical therapist to attend classes to become Certified Motion Analysts (CMA’s). Each CMA pays a fee of to attend a biomechanics class and gain a better understanding of the applications of 3D-biomechanics testing to improve health and physical well-being of individuals involved in physical activity.  Cost: CMA-$300



Zig Ziegler and staff conduct a biomechanics assessment on the running mechanics of Anquan Boldin


Walking or Running Video Analysis takes a look at foot posture or hip range of motion. This evaluation identifies physical imbalances affecting normal walking and running motion.  Once the analysis is complete, the results are analyzed to generate a detailed report of findings and customized exercise program. Cost: Two Sensor Running Evaluation–$100 (Video Analysis online-$50)
ohead squat imageOur 3D-Functional Movement Screen (Overhead Squat) assesses upper and lower body weaknesses that affect all movements of the body.  The eight sensor evaluation measures the posture of the lower legs and feet, knees, pelvis, torso, head and arms. Once the analysis is complete, the results are analyzed to generate a detailed report of findings and customized exercise program. Cost:  8 Sensor Functional Movement Screen–$150 (Online Video Analysis $100)
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bruce jenner at p3d awca event 2Golf Swing Analysis offers competitive and recreational golfers an inside look at the physical performance variables affecting the swing accuracy, consistency, ball flight distance and control.  By placing a minimum of four 3D-motion tracking sensors on the body, Performance 3D’s certified 3D-Motion Analysts are able to pinpoint specific issues in the body affecting the swing by evaluating hip, torso, arm, and club movements.  Balance, Core Stability, Posture and more are thoroughly evaluated and the results analyzed to generate a detailed report of findings and customized exercise program.  A more extensive eight sensor 3D-motion analysis allows for a more detailed evaluation where more accurate movements of the feet, knees, and elbows are detectable.  Cost: 4 Sensor Evaluation $150 or 8-Sensor Golf Swing Analysis–$250 (Video Analysis Online-$100)
Our 3D-Baseball and Softball Swing Analysis allows little league, high school and professional athletes a chance to identify hip, shoulder, arm and bat movements and how they are affected by the body’s physical limitations.  Our standard hitting analysis is a four sensor evaluation, however, and eight-sensor evaluation is also available.  Cost: 4 Sensors Hitting Analysis–$95 or 8-Sensor Hitting Evaluation–$150 (Video Analysis Online-$50)
Our eight-sensor 3-D Basketball Shooting or Free Throw Analysis identifies physical imbalances in the body which may affect shooting technique.  BASKETBALL ASSESSMENTThis evaluation measures posture, technique, “directional” velocity and angles a release of the legs, hands, pelvis, torso, elbows, and more.  Once the analysis is complete, the results are analyzed to generate a detailed report of findings and customized exercise program. Most recently, the Portland Trailblazers, New York Knicks, and Phoenix Suns contracted with the creators of  Performance 3D for the evaluations of Danillo Gallinari, Greg Oden and future NBA Hall of Fame center Shaquille O’Neal. Cost: 8 Sensor 3D Analysis $150 (Video Analysis Online-$50)
Baseball and Softball Pitching Video Analysis evaluates posture and technique of the complicated throwing motions of the body. baseball analysisPhysical limitations identified can affect balance, core stability, pitching velocity, posture, technique and more.  Once the analysis is complete, the results are  analyzed to generate a detailed report of findings and customized exercise program Cost: $100
žOur 3D-Work Task Screening includes an eight sensor evaluation of each employee’s posture and work related technique to identify physical imbalances affecting posture, lifting technique, upper and lower body strength, flexibility demands on the body and more. This evaluation can help save companies thousands of dollars and work-related injury costs per person.  Once the analysis is complete, the results are analyzed to generate a detailed report of findings and customized exercise program. Cost: $150
žOur Ultimate Combines camps and clinics offer middle and high school student-athletes an opportunity to attend clinics and camps designed educate attendees on how to improve their sports performance. Unlike traditional camps and clinics which instruct attendees based on basic skill development, participants at Ultimate Combines receive 3D-biomechanics evaluations of their sports skills which identify the specific strengths and weaknesses possessed by the attendee. Each attendee then receives instruction and a take-home exercise program prescribed to meet the individual needs of the athlete. Cost: $200 to $300 per attendee.