Host Zig Ziegler prepares to analyze the golf swing of Oluympic Gold Medalist and Reality TV Star Bruce Jenner.

Zig Ziegler prepares to analyze the golf swing of Oluympic Gold Medalist and Reality TV Star Bruce Jenner.

With over 18 years of experience in health, fitness, and sports performance improvment, Zig has helped some of the world’s best athletes find their groove in Running, Baseball, Basketball, Olympic Softball, Football, Golf and individuals with many other sports in fitness areas.

To date, Zig has conducted more than 50,000 3-D motion analysis based assessments,  including biomechanical analyses of the swings of Tiger Woods for research purposes and the free throw shooting of NBA Future Hall of Fame Center Shaquille O’Neal.

Zig’s analysis is designed to help foresee and resolve serious sports-related injuries. His efforts have helped more than two dozen NFL players overcome serious injuries to stay on the field including perennial all-Pro NFL Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin, three time Super Bowl Champion Derek LoVille, 12 year NFL veterans Chris Oldham of the Pittsburg Steelers and New Orleans Saints, and NFC champion Chris Walsh of the Minnesota Vikings, veteran NFL Quarterback Stoney Case, and all-Pro Linebacker Seth Joyner, and Jamir Miller.

Some other athletes Zig has advised post-injury include, Canadian Olympic team member and National Pro Fastpitch Co-Pitcher of the Year Lauren Bay, MLB NL Rookie of the Year Jason Bay, 2006 MLB NL Rookie of the year and 2008 NL MVP–Ryan Howard, future MLB Hall of Fame Pitcher Johan Santana (for the NY Mets), Future NBA Hall of Fame center, Shaquille O’Neal, and oft injured Trailblazers’ center Greg Oden, and his Trailblazer teammates.

Mr. Ziegler is the Creator of “Fitness From the Ground Up” Sports Therapist and Fitness Professional Certification and the author of “Absolute Kinetix: Fitness From the Ground Up”: Essential Exercises for Optimizing Your Body (to be released Spring of 2013). He is an expert kinesiologist, certified as a Sports Performance Specialist, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Upon completion of a 3D Biomechanical Analysis, Zig and his our staff of kinesiologists, sports scientists, and physical movement specialists recommend specific exercises, drills and other sports or activity related activities to help improve each participant’s biomechanics.

After spending even just one session with Zig, you are guaranteed to see dramatic improvements including a reduction in pain and improved sports performance.

Through the use of proprietary motion capture technology, Zig quickly identify the positives and negatives of any body movement or “motion”. Exercises from the resulting assessment can prevent injuries, as well as dictate the appropriate training, instruction, or rehab program.  Fast, accurate measurement of the movement and forces acting on the body, stunning 3-D computer renderings, synchronized video and rich data analysis together all performed with an underlying foundation in science, are what drive all of Zig’s services.

Zig offer training and educational programs for health, fitness, medical and sports professionals who want to learn more about 3D-Biomechanics testing and how it can positively and dramatically impact the health and development of their clients, patients or athletes.

When you experience any level of interaction with Zig in a health and wellness setting, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the physical requirements for the repeatability of any motion, sports skill/technique, or physical activity
  • Identify the physical limitations specifically affecting how each client’s body moves
  • Identify the root causes of those limitations
  • Receive and be able to recommend specific exercises, drills or other activities to improve the physical performance of each client.

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